The Best Restaurants in Calabogie (+ What To Try)

Calabogie, Ontario is situated in pristine nature and features some excellent choices when it comes to satisfying your inner foodie.

The best part about Calabogie restaurants is that you’ll get an authentic local experience wherever you go. No chains, no gimmicks – just good, local businesses whipping up next-level dishes.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full-on gourmet meal, here’s our list of the best restaurants and food options in Calabogie!

Redneck Bistro

As far as Calabogie restaurants are concerned, Redneck Bistro is one of the best. Located right in the heart of town – directly across from Calabogie Brewing Company – Redneck Bistro has one of the biggest menus in town with something to please every eater in your group.

You might opt to join the daily pilgrimage from the brewery in the afternoon to the Bistro for a hearty, local dinner. Their rustic, metallic interior, wooden bar top, and their numerous outdoor patios make it an easy choice.

From their steak wraps with a side salad to their popular fish and chips night, this Bistro hits all the right notes with a selection of tacos, gourmet poutines, salads, and even more shareables.

It’s also one of the only places for a proper weekend brunch in Calabogie – perfect for fueling up before your adventure.

Service is good, food comes fast, and with a nice mix of local beers on tap you’ve got a fantastic all-around eatery! They’re open seven days a week all year round.

Check out their website or Instagram @redneckbistro for all the latest information like specials and announcements!

Canthooks Restaurant

For a taste of the Swiss Alps in the heart of Ontario’s own mountainous terrain, head to Canthooks Restaurant.

Located at Calabogie Peaks Resort, this upscale dining experience features a number of authentic Swiss & German-inspired dishes brought to life by a Swiss-born restaurateur.

It’s not too often in Ontario you’ll find homemade Rouladen (delicious rolled beef) and a properly done German schnitzel. You can even try these with a side of spaetzle – those tiny delectable egg dumplings with gravy.

Besides these dishes, the Canthooks menu is loaded with favourites like PEI mussels, homemade lasagna, and mushroom gnocchi.

In addition to the food, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Canthooks Restaurant features comfortable leather chairs, a large stone fireplace, and a warm atmosphere inside that you’ll sink into after a long day on the slopes or hiking up to the Eagle’s Nest Lookout.

For more of that fresh Calabogie breeze, you can sit on their large outdoor terrace that overlooks the rolling ski hill. Check out their website for all the latest information.

Blackbird Cafe

For a fantastic dinner in a family-run establishment, Blackbird Cafe is the place to go. This quaint and cozy brick house in Burnstown is worth the short drive for dinner. You could also stop in on your way home from your local adventures.

Inside Blackbird, you’ll be greeted by shelves upon shelves of knick knacks and a large wood stove in the middle of the dining room. It feels like walking into your grandma’s house for a home cooked dinner with classic entrees like roast beef or steak dinner.

You can choose to dine inside or opt to sit at their patio tables to enjoy the fresh air during your meal!

Check out their Facebook Page for all the latest information like nightly specials.

Neat Cafe

Neat Cafe

If you’re craving wood-fired pizza cooked in a stone oven, Neat Cafe is the place for you. Located in Burnstown – across from Blackbird Cafe – Neat Cafe is a fantastic stop when it comes to food, drinks, and entertainment.

This updated-and-converted church is a popular place for locals and visitors alike. People head to Neat Cafe for their delicious pizzas – but they also have sandwiches, wraps (check out their tuna melt with soup and salad), and a number of daily specials.

Neat Cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating in the summer season. This means you can stop in for lunch or dinner and enjoy the fresh valley air.

Besides their food, Neat Cafe specializes in trendy drinks and live music. Visit their website or Instagram @neatcafe for all the latest information such as menu items or showtimes. You can even buy a ticket for a music show and combo it with their tasty pizza!

Calabogie Brewery

Calabogie Brewing Co.

We’ve already mentioned Calabogie Brewing Co. as the place to go in town for local beers and a great atmosphere in our bars in Calabogie post. But did you know you can score a tasty bite there too?

Overlooking the Madawaska River rapids, this classic local establishment pairs your beer with a good selection of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches/wraps – all at prices you can’t argue with.

The menu at Calabogie Brewing Company makes it perfect for a lunch stop between experiences or a dinner after a day of hiking, paddling, or relaxing in the sun.

The big wooden tables inside the brewery invite you to indulge, while the outdoor picnic tables are perfect for those warm summer nights with friends and locals alike. It’s the perfect stop if you want to be social, enjoy a few beverages, and not be too far from Somewhere Inn!

Check out their website or Instagram @calabogiebrewingco for all the latest information. They even have a great secondary location in Kanata.

Food Trucks @ Somewhere Inn Calabogie

Of course, no weekend in Calabogie would be complete without a potential visit to a food truck. Here at Somewhere Inn Calabogie, we’ve got you covered.

We have food trucks on-site for most weekends during the busy summer and winter seasons. Open to guests of the Inn – as well as everyone else in Calabogie – we’ve got a rotating number of cuisines stopping by from vegan power bowls to tacos and barbecue.

You can check out our Events Page to discover which food truck will be here the weekend you visit!

This has been our delicious short list of the best restaurants in Calabogie and others pretty close by. In the end, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices – but you can always check in with us if you need any more tips!

See you outside,
Somewhere Inn Calabogie