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Our cabin-style lobby in Calabogie doubles as a Wine Bar – it’s a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts, where every glass tells a story, every moment is savoured, and every visitor becomes part of a cherished community united by their passion for the grape. Our knowledgeable staff are here to offer personalized recommendations and wine tastings from our curated wine list sourced from vineyards in Ontario and all over the world. The lobby’s limited space ensures that every bottle has been carefully curated, each one telling a story of terroir, tradition, and craftsmanship. 

Outside our entire grounds is licensed as a patio, offering an alfresco option for those who prefer to enjoy their wine under serene forest tree canopy. As the sun sets the bonfire gets lit all year round and time seems to slow and with each sip.


Our simple menu of shareable bites has been carefully curated to bring back memories of simpler times. Somewhere Inn is a new lunch spot and cafe in Calabogie offering quick bites in a casual atmosphere. Our Shared Plates, including our Cheese + Meat boards offer an assortment of cheeses and charcuteries that are perfect for sharing. 


Cheese Board  $19
3 local cheeses, crostinis, pickle spears, olives, house hummus

Cheese + Meat Board  $30
2 cheeses, 2 meats, crostinis, olives, pickled stuff, house hummus, sliced dried figs

Gourmet Canned Fish  $16
Scout rainbow trout with dill, crostinis, pickled mix

Make your own S’mores  Free
Chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow


Olives $5
Nuts  $5
Chips  $5


Overnight oats with a fruit garnish, freshly baked pastry,  fresh whole fruit, juice. Delivered daily to your room at 9am. Please inform us by 5pm if you would like breakfast.

For room service text 613 696 9600

Vegetarian options are available. 

Somewhere Inn Calabogie Campfire



Sindicat La Figuera Tinto 2021  $12
5 oz / Catalonia / medium body red / Garnatxa Negra / fresh, ripe red fruit, mediterranean grass

San Quirico Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2022  $12
5 oz / Tuscany / light body white / Vernaccia / Saline, mineral oil, citrus, dried hay, white flowers

Sorelle Bronca ‘Modi’ Brut Superiore Prosecco NV  $12
5 oz / Italy / light body / glera / fresh, green apple, wisteria

Tasting  $30
3 oz tastings: try all three + chips 


Rosewood ‘Flora’ Rosé 2022 $38
Niagara / medium rosé / gamay, cabernet franc, pinot noir / juicy & fresh, notes of raspberry

Ant Moore Sauvignon Blanc 2021 $39
New Zealand / light bodied/ sauvignon blanc / gooseberries, passion fruit, bell pepper


Matron ‘Bobo’ Farmhouse Wheat – 355 mL $6.5
Fruity, floral, delicate minerality, dry finish

Whitewater Brewing ‘Farmer’s Daughter’  – 500 mL      $7
Hazy, hoppy, juicy

Curated by our friends at Gibson & Co, our wine program is composed of organic, biodynamic, natural, and low-intervention wines from around the world. This means our winemakers avoid chemical inputs in the vineyard and handle the grapes as little as possible to ensure the wine demonstrates the truest reflection of the region’s terroir. We believe that wine should be accessible, so we’ve brought you a unique assortment of bottles at an approachable price so that you can explore and have fun no matter where you are on your wine tasting journey! 

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