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Our Collingwood Boutique Wine Bar offers an assortment of light fare, shareable plates, natural and organic wines, local craft beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Our serene outdoor patio is tree canopied and surrounded by lush garden, providing the ideal spot for leisure wine tasting, to chill with friends or steal a quiet moment alone. The indoors of our Collingwood Wine Bar is just as inviting as the outdoors. Pull up a seat at our intimate bar, where you’ll find just five spots for a more personal experience with our knowledgeable staff. Sink into the plush cushions of our big couch, perfect for lounging with friends or cuddling up with a glass. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just up for a good time, swing by our laid-back Lobby Bar.


From savoury sandwiches to cheese boards and refreshing salads, our menu offers something for every palate, making it the perfect complement to your wine-tasting experience.

Rotating Pastries $5
fresh daily

Morty Sandwich $12
mortadella, arugula, muffaletta, garlic aioli, peperoncino oil piled high on a brioche bun

Cheese Board $18
manchego, gouda, a choice of brie or blue + crostinis + pickled things

Salad $13
arugula, pickled onions, capers, roasted chickpeas, tons of parm, finished with lemon-oil dressing

Dip + Ritz $12
smoked trout with sriracha and cheddar + classic ritz crackers


In the mornings, our lobby bar doubles as a Cafe and Espresso Bar offering a rotating menu of pastries, espresso, specialty coffees. All beans are sourced from our local friends at Good Grief Coffee Roasters. 

Americano / Espresso $4.5
Cappuccino $5
Latte $5
Flat White $5
Tea $4
Cold Pressed Juice $10


Our wine list is curated by our friends at Gibson & Co. Our program is composed of organic, biodynamic, natural, and low-intervention wines from around the world. This means our winemakers avoid chemical inputs in the vineyard and handle the grapes as little as possible to ensure the wine demonstrates the truest reflection of the region’s terroir. We believe that wine should be accessible, so we’ve brought you a unique assortment of bottles at an approachable price so that you can explore and have fun!


Zanotto ‘Fiumano’ Prosecco
Veneto, Italy
Light; fruity, delicate, fresh, white blossom, pear $12 / $48

Delinquente Wine Co. ‘Weeping Juan’ Pink Pet Nat
2023 I Riverland, Australia
Light; vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, fuji apple, watermelon, strawberry $54

Podere il Saliceto ‘Albone’ Lambrusco
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Light-Medium Red; blueberry, blackberry, earthy, tart $60


Tenimenti Civa ‘Seriade’ Ribolla Gialla
Friuli, Italy
Light; mineral, white flower blossom, lemon zest, green apple $12 / $48

Tawse ‘3XP’ Chardonnay
2021 I Ontario, Canada
Medium; creamy, white peach, green apple $12 / $48

Domaine Le Fay d’Homme ‘Mouton Noir’ Muscadet
2022 I Loire, France
Light; crisp, saline, mineral, citrus $52

Matthias Hager ‘Mollands’ Grüner Veltliner
2022 I Kamptal, Austria
Light; mineral, spice, melon, pear $56

Telmo Rodríguez ‘Gaba do Xil – O Barreiro’
2022 I Galicia, Spain
Medium; fresh, mineral, apple, pear, lemon, lime $58


O. et H. Bour ‘L’Instant Gourmand’ Rosé
2021 I Rhône, France
Light; gooseberry, raspberry, citrus, floral $12 / $48

Matias Morcos ‘Naranjo’ Orange
2022 I Mendoza, Argentina
Light; candied citrus peel, sweet honey, fennel $50

Therianthropy ‘Le Maillot’
2022 I Ontario, Canada
Light-Medium; candied berry, bubblegum, banana, pencil shavings $54


Bachelder ‘Parfum de Niagara’ Pinot Noir
2021 I Ontario, Canada
Light; red cherry, mulberries, violets, light vanilla, mineral $12 / $48

Echeverría ‘No Es Pituko’ Cabernet Sauvignon
2021 I Curicó Valley, Chlie
Medium-Full; floral, fresh plum, raspberry, black cherry $12 / $48

Olivier Rivière ‘Rayos Uva’ Rioja
2022 I Rioja, Spain
Medium; bright acid, field berries, sweet spices $52

Clos del Rey ‘Le Sabina’ Rouge
2021 I Languedoc-Roussillonm, France
Full; concentrated black fruit, wild herbs, mineral $56

Luis Seabra Vinhos ‘Xisto Ilimitado’ Tinto
2020 I Douro, Portugal
Medium; plum, blackberry, sarsaparilla, leather, wet slate $58

Claus Preisinger ‘Kalkstein’ Blaufränkisch
2022 I Burgenland, Austria
Light; juicy, red berries, floral, spice $60

Montesecondo Rosso
2022 I Tuscany, Italy
Light-Medium; bright, cranberry, cherry, laurel leaves, wet stone $64

Mother Rock ‘Force Celeste’
2022 I Swartland W.O., South Africa
Light-Medium; earthy, leather, minerals, sour cherry, grapefruit $58

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