The Best Calabogie Hiking Trails

We love a good hike in nature that allows you to recharge your batteries, reconnect with friends and make memories that cost very little to make. Calabogie – situated in the heart of the rugged and rolling Ottawa Valley – is home to some incredible hiking trails.

The hiking paths in Calabogie – and close by – are a popular reason why visitors make the trip. The good news? There is a Calabogie adventure awaiting hikers of different skill and fitness levels.

Whether you are looking for an all-out mountain climb with a breathtaking lookout or an easy trail to get your legs moving, there areCalabogie hiking trail options suited just for you.

From the famous Eagles Nest Lookout trail on Manitou Mountain to lesser-known Calabogie hiking trails in the area, here’s our guide on the best hikes in Calabogie and the areas closeby.

When you’re out on the trails, remember to be respectful:
+ Respect nature. You’re a guest – so take your photos and leave only your footprints.
+ Respect the rules. They are made by hard-working trail managers and designed to keep you safe.
+ Respect the land. We acknowledge the land on which we are hiking is located on unceded Algonquin and Anishinabek traditional Territory. We are grateful that Indigenous People have been stewards of this land and beyond from time immemorial and share it with us today. We are called to treat this land, its waterways, plants, animals, stories, and its Peoples with honour and respect

Eagles Nest Lookout Trail

Eagles Nest Rock

Of all the hiking paths in Calabogie, the Eagles Nest lookout is probably the most famous. You’ll see why when you reach the top!

With Instagram worthy photo ops and a stunning view of the rolling Valley below, this famous rock lookout point is reminiscent of “Pride Rock” from the Lion King. Cue the ‘90s nostalgia!

The trail to the top is considered moderate to difficult. You head straight up and you come straight back down. After putting in the work, you get a great reward. The well-marked trail provides a mix of terrains from rocks to roots, cliffs and towering trees. A good pair of hiking shoes or runners is a must-have for this trail.

There is a large, brand new parking lot just off Calabogie Road for where you can begin your adventure. You can also have a look at the trail map if you’re unfamiliar with the route.

It’s just 5 minutes driving from Somewhere Inn Calabogie, making it an easy-to-get-to hike while on your Calabogie adventure.

You can learn more about the Eagles Nest Hike here.

Trail Distance & Type: 3km, Out and Back
Difficulty: Moderate
Parking + Fee: New, large parking lot; Free to hike

Wabun Lake and Sugar Mountain Trail

Wabun Lake

If you want another amazing view of the Ottawa Valley, you can hike the Wabun Lake & Sugar Mountain loop. Located just a 20 minute drive from the Inn, this is a great trail because you’ve got two options for distance: short or long!

The long trail loop will cover just over 16 kms of heavy ups and downs – but you’ll be treated to amazing views of the mighty Madawaska River and Wabun Lake. The short trail is a straight up hike to the same lookout. So, you get to choose your own adventure.

The trails themselves feature a mix of beautiful old growth trees, interesting rock formations, and water views that make it all worth it. You’ll also find frequent markings for navigation but it’s best to familiarize yourself with which route you plan on hiking before you head out.

It’s important to note that the trails here are shared by hikers, ATVs, and dirt bikes. In fact, the short trail is mostly an ATV route. If one approaches, simply step off the trail, let them pass, and give them a big smile and a wave!

You can follow this dropped pin to get to the parking lot for the shorter version of the hike. It’s accessed via a dirt road which is accessible in the spring, summer, and the fall (before the snow falls).

You can learn more about what to know when hiking these trails on the Girl Gone Good website or check out the details of the long version on All Trails here.

Trail Distance & Type: 3 km for short trail (out and back), 16.1 km for long trail (large loop)
Difficulty: Short trail: Moderate; Long trail: Expert
Parking + Fee: Small parking area or on the roadside; free to hike

Manitou Mountain Trail

Manitou Mountain Trail

If it’s multiple lookouts that you’re after, the Manitou Mountain Trail is for you!

Covering three beautiful lookout spots – Calabogie Lake lookout, Juniper Ridge lookout and Manitou Mountain lookout – all in a single trail loop, this 10 km trail features a number of great climbs and a quieter atmosphere than some of the other trails.

The trails themselves might be full of ups and downs, but they feature all kinds of wildlife and some interesting ponds along the way. The beautiful evergreen and leafy trees as well as large, smooth rock faces really add to the experience. This is a good hike to do because trail markings are clear and the route is well-travelled. There is also an off-shoot known as the Skywalk Trail which you can explore.

To get there, simply follow the paved road. It’s easy to find the small parking lot five minutes from the Inn. Because there are so many climbs, this isn’t a great route for strollers. Also be sure to take care around the steep areas of the path.

You can learn more about the Manitou Mountain Trail here.

Trail Distance & Type: 10km, Loop
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Parking + Fee: Small paved parking lot with trail maps available; Free to hike

Blueberry Mountain Trail

To try your feet at hiking trails near Calabogie, you could always head up Blueberry Mountain! Located about a 40 minute drive south from Somewhere Inn, this is a moderate out and back trail that features wildlife and a side path with a waterfall.

It’s a straightforward, well-maintained trail to the top for a really great view. It’s also dog-friendly if you’ve got your hiking companion with you. Just don’t forget your bug spray! You can learn more about the Blueberry Mountain trail here.

Trail Distance & Type: 4.5km, Out and Back
Difficulty: Moderate
Parking + Fee: Parking area available; Free to hike

This land is Part of the Madawaska Land Trust which we support as part of our 1% for the planet pledge.

Dacre Heights Trails

Dacre Heights is another place for great hiking trails near Calabogie. This closed-down ski hill even has a view point at the top.

Located just 20 minutes driving from Somewhere Inn, this 7.5 km out and back trail can be enjoyed two ways: easy or difficult.

The easy route – known as Firefly – weaves up the mountain gently. Henk’s is the trail you take if you want a workout and you’re aiming for the top. At the top, the view of the surrounding lakes and rivers is totally worth it.

Since this is an old ski hill, there are a number of metal wires and concrete structures scattered around the area. It’s completely safe to hike – just be sure to take care when you visit.
You can learn more about hiking at Dacre Heights here.

Trail Distance & Type: 7.5km, Out and Back
Difficulty: Moderate
Parking + Fee: Parking in the field near the welcome sign; Free to hike

Morrow Lake Waterfall Hike

The Morrow Lake Hike is a great shorter hike with a beautiful water feature. This small out and back trail is an easy trail for all skill and fitness levels. At the turnaround, you’ll be greeted by a tranquil little waterfall that spills into the creek below.

This short trail is located 40 minutes driving from Somewhere Inn. It’s worth the trip if you’re looking to stretch your legs and snap a great photo. You may even see some wildlife along the way!

The trailhead is located just off the dirt road. You can park near the wooden bridge at the south end of Morrow Lake.

You can learn more about the hike to Morrow Lake Waterfall here.

Trail Distance & Type: Just under 2km, Out and Back
Difficulty: Easy
Parking + Fee: Park at the bridge off Morrow Lake Rd; Free to hike

Griffith Uplands Trail

Another classic loop trail with a few bugs is the Griffith Uplands Trail. Located about a 45 minute drive from Somewhere Inn Calabogie, this moderate hike isn’t for ultimate beginners – but also isn’t the hardest trail out there!

The varied trail features a number of steeper spots – both up and down – but it is pretty well-marked with little rock piles for easy navigation. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful views along the way.

There’s a small parking lot which can fill up fast so be sure to go early to get your spot! You can learn more about the Griffith Uplands Trail here.

Trail Distance & Type: 8.4km, Loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Parking + Fee: Small parking lot; Free to hike

Kingston and Pembroke Trail

For some accessible Calabogie hiking not too far from town, the Kingston and Pembroke Trail (also known as the K&P Trail) is for you!

Located just a 4 minute drive or a 25 minute walk from Somewhere Inn, this long, smooth section of the trail connects Calabogie and Renfrew through the Ottawa Valley.

This abandoned K&P railroad line now makes a multi-use flat trail that is great for hikers and ATVs in the warmer months and snowmobilers in the winter. In fact, there’s even an annual half marathon along the trail from Renfrew to Calabogie!

Hitting the K&P trail from the heart of Calabogie will take you through some pretty fields and forests. You’ll also spot some lakes and wetlands along the way.

A 10 km out and back would take you to Norway Lake and makes for a good few hours walking on primarily flat, stroller safe trails. If an ATV approaches, just step off to the side as they pass – and don’t forget about that friendly wave!

You can learn more about the K&P Trail on the Greater Madawaska website.

Trail Distance & Type: Over 100 km total, out and back many options for turnaround
Difficulty: Easy
Parking + Fee: Parking along the road at the trailhead, Free to hike

Madawaska Nordic Ski Trail

The Madawaska Nordic Ski Trail is another one of the Calabogie hiking trails you can explore. These old logging roads are a short drive from the Inn and will treat you to some pristine, dense forest hiking.

With views of Calabogie Peaks in places, there’s a bit of climbing on this loop trail but nothing like some of the other hikes on this list. This makes it a great kid-friendly option. If you visit Calabogie in the winter, you can use the trail for cross country skiing or for snowshoeing.

To begin your hike, you can park on the side of the road near the trailhead which is located not too far from Calabogie Peaks Resort just off of Crestview Drive. You can access it from Viewpoint Drive (which is just off the 508).

You can learn more about the Madawaska Nordic Ski Trail here.

Trail Distance & Type: Under 6km, loop
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Parking + Fee: Parking is on the side of the road at trailhead, Entrance by donation

That’s our guide on the best Calabogie hiking trails in and around the area. Whichever one you choose, be sure to pack some water, wear good shoes, and be a respectful visitor.

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