Great Cafes & Coffee Shops In Calabogie (And Close By)

Whether you’re visiting Calabogie for hiking, racing, skiing, paddling or something else entirely – good coffee is essential for many explorers. For some, it’s a lifeblood. For others, it’s just a warm way to start the day off right. Luckily, you can have city-like coffee experiences here in the Valley.

From cool and tranquil cafes right here in town to a few establishments around the area, there’s no shortage of amazing cafes and coffee shops.

Not only are cafes a place for a much-needed hit of caffeine and a bit of food, discovering small cafes and coffee shops is also a great way to support local establishments. Grabbing that daily roast might also force you to slow down, sit for a moment, and take in the natural surroundings of the Ottawa Valley.

So, if you’re looking for your Calabogie coffee fix, here are some of the best cafes in Calabogie (and the surrounding areas).

Oh El La Cafe


Oh-el-la is Calabogie’s coolest cafe. Decorated with warm woods and lots of plants, this cafe is a sought-after spot that features a cute outdoor patio that overlooks Calabogie Lake.

Of course, Oh-el-la offers much more than just an amazing aesthetic. True to character, Oh-el-la is serious about their coffee. Imagine your favourite urban cafe but dropped into the green setting of Calabogie. That’s Oh-el-la. It’s the kind of place you’d stop into daily for your latte or flat white fix.

They also have a small menu that rotates through delectable sweet and savoury items such as their popular sandwiches. These sandwiches are talked about across the Valley – making them one of the best places in town for a quick bite to eat.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Oh-el-la is located just a few minutes from Somewhere Inn Calabogie and conveniently awaits weekend adventurers who need to fuel up before or after a hike. The chef is a local legend, so be sure to toss your regards behind the counter!

Check out their Facebook Page or Instagram @ohellacafe for all the latest information.

Laurent’s Ice Cream and Café

For those summertime cravings, Laurent’s Ice Cream and Café is the place to check out. Located in nearby Burnstown, Laurent’s is the kind of local institution that summons you inside to grab an ice cream cone. In fact, it is very difficult to pass through Burnstown without stopping in!

Between the picnic benches out front and the welcoming atmosphere inside the cute shop, you’ll have no problem making a visit. The only issue you will have is deciding on which flavour of ice cream to indulge in!

That said, Laurent’s is more than just ice cream. You can also grab a coffee, hot beverage, or a small baked good at the in-house bakery counter. As with many small businesses in this area, you’ll likely find Laurent himself – a local entrepreneur and creative businessman – working the shop counter.

The nice thing about this cafe in Burnstown is that it’s just a short 10-15 minute drive from Calabogie. So, you can head over for an ice cream or coffee as you explore the area surrounding Calabogie. Laurent’s Cafe is right across the street from the Madawaska River – so you could even paddle there if you wanted to!

Check out their website or Instagram @lecafelaurent for all the latest information.

Neat Cafe

Neat Cafe

If you’re searching for something neat (and/or a terrible joke), head for Neat Cafe. Also located in Burnstown, this converted church-turned-cafe is set directly beside the Madawaska River. It’s hard to miss the cute raised vegetable gardens out front!

Frequented by locals and just as welcoming to out-of-town visitors, Neat Cafe is a great place to stop in for a coffee break, cool drink, or tasty bite to eat. They do a number of hot caffeine beverages – including lattes – and will turn them into iced coffees if you desire it cold!

Known for their stone-baked pizza and their next-level tuna melts, Neat Cafe is also the perfect lunch time stop that is worth the short drive from Calabogie. Their outdoor picnic tables set amongst the trees are a tranquil setting to enjoy your stay.

You might also visit Neat Cafe if you’re out and about on a day trip to Burnstown Beach or paddling the Madawaska River from Calabogie Lake (you can easily make Burnstown your turnaround point).

Check out their website or Instagram @neatcafe for all the latest information such as menu items or showtimes (they are also a great music venue).

Blackbird Cafe

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to visit Burnstown, add Blackbird Cafe to the list! This small but popular cafe/restaurant is the place to go for a coffee break – but also cold drinks and a delicious lunch or dinner.

Located in an old antique farmhouse, Blackbird Cafe feels like walking into the past with knick knacks on the shelves and an old wood stove anchoring the main dining space.

It’s a family-run establishment so you can expect home-cooked food – like their signature steak dinner – if you stop in for your evening meal on the way back to Calabogie. They also offer a few patio tables for a little bit of outdoor air as you enjoy!

Check out their Facebook Page for all the latest information.

Ottawa Valley Coffee

Ottawa Valley Coffee

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ottawa Valley Coffee. Located in the heart of downtown Renfrew beside the historic clock tower of the post office, OVC is just a short drive from Calabogie and certainly worth the trip.

Owned and operated by a veteran, Ottawa Valley Coffee is known for a number of things: their killer coffee, their freshly baked goods, and their selection of craft beers for all tastes.

Getting your caffeine boost at OVC supports a local business that prides itself on creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate good coffee, beer, and baked goods?

Check out their Facebook Page or Instagram @ottawavalleycoffee for all the latest information.

So, here’s our hand-picked short list of the best cafes and coffee shops in/near Calabogie. Try one or try them all when you visit – you’ll be amongst welcoming locals wherever you choose to grab your daily brew.

See you outside,
Somewhere Inn Calabogie